Your Guide for Home Buyers in the Washington, DC Area

Purchasing a home can be analyzed into several steps that will assist you to realize your responsibilities and how you can utilize a Buyer’s Agent from DellREsidential Real Estate to your benefit.

Skilled home buyers can use this Expert Guide for Home Buyers like a checklist to plan for a purchase. By following the links, curious buyers and First Time Home Buyers can use this Guide to learn more about the details of buying a home.

The course of actions to Homeownership

Step 1 – Decide now is the time to own a home.

Your decision should be based on your current financial situation, as well as considering your short and long term goals so that you can horn in the right home for your needs. It is recommended to speak with a Mortgage Lender and a trusted financial adviser to analyze your budget and determine what you can comfortably manage. Your Credit Report and Credit Scores will impact your ability to purchase a home.

Step 2 - Make a detail list of your desires and needs in a home.

It helps to randomly write down everything that comes to mind that you think would be important to have in your new home, which includes price, location, close to public transportation, close to a park, number of bedrooms and baths, number of parking, finished basement and lot size. This list will become the foundation for your home search.

Step 3 - Find a real estate professional who can assist you through your home buying process.

DellREsdential Real Estate is ready to act as your Buyer's Agent and helps home buyers with all aspects of Buying a Home. A Buyer's Agency can significantly benefit you as a purchaser of real estate. A Buyer's Agency is the only way you can make sure your best interests are guarded and accurately represented when buying a home in Washington, DC Area.

Step 4 - After discussing your interests with your real estate agent, begin to search for homes that are best suited for your wants and needs.

The MLS Home Search tools on this website are functional and user-friendly. You can even conduct a simple MLS Map Search to quickly situate all available homes for sale in a particular location. Save and Email the Homes for sale you come across as you see fit and review each listing with your real estate agent. Have your agent schedule Showings on the homes that seem to meet your wants and needs and see the homes in person.

Step 5 - After finding the home that most fits your criteria, coordinates with your real estate agent to devise the best negotiating ap, and make an offer on the house.

Read about Real Estate Contracts to make a more informed decision about Making an Offer on a Home. Make the offer with terms accepted and favorable to you. Your real estate agent should assist you through this home buying process and help navigate any issues on negotiations.

Step 6 - Work closely with your real estate agent and your mortgage lender to furnish any required paperwork to close the transaction.

Be sure to make plans to be present at the Home Inspection to best familiarize yourself with the house systems and become aware of any defects that may need repair. Contact the appropriate Utility Companies to turn on new service in the home.

Step 7 – Your mortgage lender should assist in coordinating the title search and closing process, and your real estate agent will help, as well.

You should be informed About the Closing Process so that you will know the next step. You should get a copy of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement before closing to comprehend all of your Closing Costs. If you are buying a home with cash, it will be to your best interest to purchase a title search, title insurance and select a closing company. Your real estate agent can suggest and guide you throughout the entire closing process.

Step 8 – Attend the closing and complete the transaction.

You will sign all final documents at the closing table and will complete the last steps to satisfy all contractual agreements.Congratulations! You are now a homeowner! Feel free to Contact the DellREsidential Real Estate immediately if you have any questions regarding buying or selling a home.